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Forensic medicine provides multidisciplinary expertise, Al-Yahia
06 February 2008
In line with the cooperation efforts between the Forensic Medicine Center in Riyadh and King Fahad Security College (KFSC), the attendants of a course on the methods of investigation in criminal cases paid a visit to the Forensic Medicine Center, said the forensic medicine specialist at KFSC captain Ahmed Ibrahim Al-Yahia. He said the 3 weeks course organized by KFSC for investigators at the Commission of Investigation and Public Prosecution course is deemed to equip investigators with information on the procedures to be followed in criminal cases and how to deal with them.
According to Al-Yahia the investigators had been briefed on the processes of checking and dissecting in criminal cases. "The course explains the cases dealt with by forensic medicine", he said. "It provides knowledge on the principles of forensic medicine, including approximate death timing, the different variables at the death scene, the steps of apparent checking and dissection, the steps of guessing the unknowns, etc".
"Forensic medicine is multidisciplinary", says Al-Yahia. "It combines, medical, social, and judicial aspects, provides practical expertise, and describes cases from a scientific point of view". 
He said the visit comes in line with the keenness of the college management to strengthen cooperative relations with other security relative sectors. 

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