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MOH celebrates the National Day of Milk Drinking
09 January 2008
MOH official spokesman Dr. Khalid M. Al-Marghalani told reporters that MOH hopes the activities of the National Day of Milk Drinking, which is organized by MOH under the slogan "May Allah Bless us in it and increase it for us", will yield a successful outcome. He said MOH is working in cooperation with all community institutions and individuals.
According to Al-Marghalani, MOH has accomplished its preparations for launching the National Day of Milk Drinking on Saturday the third of Muharram 1429 in all provinces and districts. He said MOH will distribute 7 million milk boxes, out of which 5 million boxes will be distributed to schools. The activities also include distribution of relative posters and pamphlets to all provinces and MOH health facilities.
Al-Marghalani said such activities comes in line with MOH concerns for ensuring balanced and healthy nutrition, which is supposed to protect against the different types of diseases. In this regard milk and milk products have been proved to be major sources of calcium, potassium, iodine, and a number of vitamins, including vitamin D, vitamin K, B complex vitamins, and vitamin A, he said.
He said MOH, represented by the Health Information Center, will host a folk of medical consultants and nutrition specialists to give answers for the enquiries of citizens and residents on the role of milk in protecting bones from osteoporosis. The enquiries will be received on the free line 8002494444, in addition to a relative link on the MOH website: 
Dr. Al-Marghalani appreciated the important contributions of milk companies, which have donated millions of milk boxes. 

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