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Media informed on Hajj preparatory works
03 September 2007
The Consultant of the Health Directorate and Head of MOH Hajj Preparatory Committees Dr. Ridah M. Khalil will update the representatives of local newspapers, the national radio station, the national TV, the Saudi News Agency, and space channels on the latest preparations of the Ministry of Health for the 1428H Hajj season. The meeting will be held on Monday at 12:30 pm at the main Hall of the MOH headquarters, Said MOH official speaker Dr. Khalid M. Al-Marghalani.
He said the meeting will review the efforts exerted by MOH during the period from the end of the 1427H Hajj season to the present date for providing the best services to the pilgrims and visitors of the sacred mosque of the prophet in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah. A number of other issues are also in the agenda, including Hajj developmental projects in the sacred shrines, securing medicines and medical necessities, the technique of protecting pilgrims, Omrah performers, and citizens against infectious diseases, securing manpower, and executing emergency plans.
The meeting will also review coordination of efforts between MOH and other participating sectors such as the Red Crescent for enhancing efficiency, especially in the sacred shrines.
MOH has finished linking all hospitals in the sacred shrines to the Internet for ensuring swift services. 

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