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 "Aloo Service" hosts nutrition therapist Rima Al-Salman
18 September 2007
The MOH Health Information Center, in cooperation with Arla Food Company will host the nutrition therapist Rima Al-Salman on Sunday 04/09/1428 from 10:00 am to 12 noon in a meeting to be devoted to answering the enquiries of the public on a number of issues relative to health and the steps required for healthy fasting.
Women, especially those who have interest in cooking, can call Al-Salman directly for obtaining answers on the best methods for preparing healthy food.
Al-Salman will provide callers and patients with a number of health guidelines and general advices which will assist in preserving a constant weight during the holy month of Ramadan. Those who are suffering from overweight and obesity problems may find special help.
Citizens and residents are requested to benefit from the services provided by the Ministry of Health throughout the year by calling the "Aloo Service" on the number 8002494444. They may also seek consultation through the "Aloo Service" link ( on the MOH website. 

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