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Preparations for the first employment meeting accomplished
11 September 2007
The Official Speaker of the Ministry of Health Dr. Khalid M. Al-Marghalani said MOH has accomplished its preparations for the first open meeting with the graduates of universities and health faculties and institutes, which will be convened at the MOH Training and Scholarship Center today Tuesday at 10 am under the auspices of MOH Undersecretary for Planning and Development Dr. Obeid Al-Obeid. This important meeting with the new graduates comes in line with the guidelines of His Highness the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Mane. The MOH Assistant Undersecretary for Manpower Preparation and Development Dr. Khalid Al-Rashud and the Director General of Personnel Affairs Mr. Mohammed Al-Moais shall attend the meeting which will be steered by the Director General of Health Information and Public Relations Dr. Khalid M. Al-Marghalani.
According to Dr. Al-Marghalani the meeting is held in line with the interest of the Minister of Health and other MOH officials to answer the enquiries raised within the MOH Forum regarding employment and training. These enquiries are regularly raised to MOH officials by the directors of the MOH Forum which, in spite of its short age, comprises more than 6000 employees.
He said MOH pays great care to organizing such meetings which might be demanded by the different sectors of the community and targets of MOH services. "MOH has received many such requests through its website", he said.
He said a place has been allotted for female attendants of the meeting, where the events will be displayed through the closed circuit.
The meeting will be directly broadcasted through the MOH Forum in coordination with the supervisor of the Forum Sulaiman Al-Duraibi. 

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