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MOH to launch community and family health care project
25 August 2007
The Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane said MOH is exerting great efforts to launch the project of improving primary health care on the basis of providing integrated preventive and treatment services through 2000 family and community health centers scattered in the different cities and villages of the Kingdom.
He said the first group of family doctors have arrived to the Kingdom and will be dispatched to three areas. "The project aims to provide and consolidate preventive and treatment health services in the targeted centers", he said "We are working to adopt the method of family and community medicine instead of primary health care".
The MOH Undersecretary for Planning and Development Dr. Obeid Al-Obeid said the project implementation shall be carried out through an integrated plan supervised by the MOH Undersecretariat for Planning and Development under close follow up of the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane. He said work teams including high MOH officials have been formed for this purpose.
According to Dr. Al-Obeid the health care centers shall be divided into three categories: supervisory family centers, A, B family centers, and family clinics. Patients will be reached in every village by family doctors and health teams under the slogan "A family doctor for each family".
He said MOH has taken a number of administrative and legal measures for ensuring successful implementation. Highly qualified family and community doctors have been recruited from some Arabic countries. They have been enrolled into an advanced training program of six months in which focus has been made to the needs of health care centers in the different parts of the Kingdom.
"MOH is starting preparatory works for a highly efficient infrastructure which will enable successful implementation of the project", he said. "Highly advanced health centers have been established taking into consideration the customs and traditions of the Saudi Society".
He said the project implementation shall be carried out in stages, the first stage covering Al-Jouf, Riyadh, and Baha provinces. The services offered include treatment of emergency and chronic diseases, vaccinations, health awareness, and other services used to be carried out by health care centers. Telephone consultations shall also be available through which families can contact their doctors who will take care of all members of the family. In addition, the family doctors shall take care of the physical, mental, and emotional health of their respective patients and close follow up case histories of their families. 

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