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Board of Grievance rejects Al-Hashimi's claim
21 May 2007
The Board of Grievance rejected the claim raised by the medical quack Mohammed Al-Hashimi against MOH, in which he demanded a compensation of five million Saudi Riyals for the harms he says he has suffered from a former MOH warning against his medical practices. MOH has issued a formal warning that Al-Hashimi's treatments are not based on scientific grounds and that his herbal preparations are not secure, do not comply with quality standards, and may cause disastrous complications. The American Embassy in Riyadh has denied that Al-Hashimi has obtained PhD Degree in Alternative Medicine from Denever University in USA. It received an official answer from the university's Admission and Registration Deanship that denied the existence of any academic registration under the name of Al-Hashimi, let alone that the university does include a faculty of medicine. The Board of Grievance has rejected the claim on the basis of the above reasons. 

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