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MOH organizes a workshop on leadership skills
04 April 2007
The MOH Undersecretary for Planning and Development Dr. Obied bin Sulaiman Al-Obeid opened the MOH workshop titled "Developing Leadership Skills of financial and health officials in the provinces", which is organized by the General Directorate of Health Economics. The symposium shall be held at the Primary Health Care Hospital in Rawda Quarter in Riyadh. It is attended by 70 participants and shall continue for 3 days.
The General Supervisor of the Administration of Health Economics Mr. Sulaiman bin Mansour Al-Shuaibi said the symposium targets financial assistants, financial managers, and health economics managers. He said the general objective of the symposium is to create an efficient system of coordination and cooperation between officials of the health economics and officials of the financial affairs in the different parts of the Kingdom.
He said the symposium aims to train concerned officials on how to formulate and use future concepts and management mission for building quality programs. It also aims to consolidate the skills of the participants in the fields of quality concepts and their basic dimensions. The participants shall also be informed of the latent principles of the science of communication. Other important benefits include training on the new developments in the fields of leadership skills, decision making, team working, and problem solving. 

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