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Health Protection Workshop discusses media role
23 April 2007
The MOH Assistant Undersecretary for Preventive Medicine Dr. Khalid Al-Zahrani said the Minister of Health makes every effort to maintain cooperative links with media channels. "Media bodies have the right to obtain useful information, but the Minister of Health has also the right to see accurate and clear representation of the information it gives", he said yesterday morning while addressing a workshop on "Protecting Health - A Media Mission", which has been organized by the MOH Assistant Undersecretariat for Preventive Medicine in collaboration with the General Directorate of Information and Health Education. The workshop was held at Riyadh Palace Hotel in presence of the General Supervisor of Information and Health Education as well as media representatives from a number of media organizations.
Dr. Al-Zahrani referred in his speech to the fact that inaccuracy in conveying information might put all in a critical situation, especially if the information has links with public health.
He called upon all media staff to ensure accuracy of information delivered to the public through maintaining close contacts with information sources.
Dr. Khalid Al-Marghalani, the General Supervisor of Information and Health Education, Official Speaker of the Ministry of Health, welcomed the participants, confirming MOH interest in maintaining effective relations with information areas and urging all participants to obtain utmost benefit from the workshop.
A lecture on preventive medicine then followed which has been delivered by Dr. Nasser bin Saleh Al-Huzaim, the General Manager of Parasitic and Infectious Diseases.
The workshop activities included 7 lectures divided into two sittings, the first of which discussed the topics of infectious diseases, avian flue and hepatitis A, B and C. The second sitting discussed the issues of tuberculosis and specialized media. 

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