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Media enquiries on MOH free line answered
21 April 2007
The MOH Information Center for Health Education invited yesterday the MOH Undersecretary for Preventive Medicine Dr. Khalid Al-Zahrani to answer the questions of media reporters and callers on the MOH free line 8002494444 regarding the MOH strategy for combating infectious diseases.
Dr. Al-Zahrani answered a rush of questions, supporting his answers with data and figures, but due to the pressure resulting from the large number of callers, Dr. Khalid Al-Marghalani, the General Supervisor of Information and Health Education continued the answers.
WHO representative Dr. Awad Abu Zaid paid a visit to the Information Center today morning. He praised the role of the center in providing health education to all sectors of the society through health campaigns, lectures, and publications.
He confirmed the importance of the role played by the Information Center as a mediator between the Ministry of Health and media channels, requesting the center to submit periodical reports on its achievements to the World Health Organization. 

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