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Eastern Province Health Affairs applies programs for controlling workflow in hospitals
15 April 2007
The Ministry of Health shall start application of international systems in an effort to ensure high quality health services at all MOH facilities throughout the Kingdom. The seventh meeting of the Executive Council, under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health, shall review the different systems controlling provision of health services, such as IOAM and ICD systems, the MOH official speaker Dr. Khalid M. Al-Marghalani was quoted as saying.
He said the Minister of Health shall review the experience of the Eastern Province Health Affairs, which has already adopted three computerized systems for controlling workflow in 27 hospitals scattered throughout the province. The three systems control hospital management, death cases informed by province hospitals, and medical supply.
According to Dr. Oqail Al-Ghamdi, Director of the Eastern Province Health Affairs, a new system for hospital management allows his directorate to follow up workflow at hospitals, control management of beds, and follow up exit and entry cases for inpatients.
He said the system involves a special computerized emergency system that allows for classification of diseases admitted at emergency centers. Containing 15 thousand types of diseases, the system provides exact and prompt information on the types of diseases admitted to the emergencies.
He said the system also contains basic information regarding individual patients, medical records, movement tracks of patient files among the province hospitals, the exact data of outpatient cases, etc.
An automatic system for controlling death cases records all death cases informed by the Eastern Province hospitals. Being connected to relative bodies such as the Emirate and charitable societies, the system records data regarding corpses and mummification certificate for expatriate death cases. It also provides burying licenses automatically.
The medical supply system contains all supply and issuance transactions. It allows for obtaining the quantities and expiry dates for each type, in addition to the possibility of halting any supply in cases of skepticism regarding validity. 

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