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The problem of child abuse in each of the Arab countries must be reviewed, says Khoori
05 March 2007
Dr. Najwa Khoori, head of Pediatric Department at the Jordanian University Hospital, expressed her gratitude to the government of Saudi Arabia for its well organization of the Arabic Child Conference.
She called the Arab countries to move a step forward from defining problems to finding solutions for the problems facing the Arab children. Such a move according to Dr. Khoori can be attained through financial support, effective management, and humanitarian efforts, taking into consideration the special conditions in each country. She agreed with some of the conference's recommendations, including strengthening research cooperation among Arab countries and establishing an intervention body for needy countries such as those suffering wars.
"The problem of child abuse in each of the Arab countries must be reviewed and women role in child education enhanced", she said. "Suggested solutions for childhood problems should not be necessarily costly. We can seek some cheap solutions, such as delivery in a clean environment and good nutrition for mothers". 

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