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Sixteen Papers on the Closing Date of the Arabic Child Conference
05 March 2007
The Arabic Child Health Conference closed its sessions on Monday Feb 26, 2007, the third and last day of its activities. The conference was organized by the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Arabian Gulf Program for Supporting UN Developmental Organizations, the Arab League, as well as a number of international, regional and national organizations.
The activities of the conference included 5 sessions in which 16 work papers have been discussed. The fifth session which was chaired by Dr. Qadi Maqbool and Dr. Abdul Wadood Kharboosh discussed four papers dealing with adolescence health. The first paper titled The MOH Strategy of Enhancing Youth and Children in Morocco was presented by Awawrir Al-Tahir from the Moroccan Ministry of Health. The second paper was presented by Dr. Abdul Rahman Yahia Al-Qahtani from the Kingdom under the title: Boosting Adolescent Health in the Arab World. Dr. Abdul Rahman Nebal from Egypt presented the four paper, whereas the last paper has been presented by Dr. Sulayman Al-Shahri from the Kingdom under the title: A Way for Boosting the Arabic Child Health.
Also, three work papers discussed AIDS in Children in the sixth session chaired by Dr. Tawfeeq Khoja and Professor Sumaya Shagroon from the Pediatric Hospital in Rabat. Dr. Sami Al-Hajar from King Faisal Specialized Hospital presented the first paper titled HIV in Children. The second paper titled AIDS Infections among Children was presented by Professor Sumaya Shagroon, whereas the third paper titled: The Rights of Children Living with AIDS was presented by Dr. Khadeeja Muala form the UN Developmental Program in Cairo.
The seventh session chaired by Dr. Obeid Al-Obeid and Dr. Mohammed Al-Zoghair discussed the situation of children in Oman, Palestine, Egypt, and Morocco.
The eighth session chaired by Khalid Al-Baradi and Dr. Hajer Al-Howsani was allocated to the early checkup of children. 

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