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Al-Mane honours 22 retirees
25 March 2007
The Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane shall honour on 23/2/1428H at Radison Sas Hotel 22 MOH retirees and 36 employees from the Financial Directorate.
The MOH General Director of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Head of the Retirees Honouring Committee Dr. Saud bin Mubarak Al-Rafeea, said the honoured retirees have offered great contributions to their country and they deserve to be honoured by the Ministry of Health.
"The improvements of the health services provided by the Ministry of Health would not have come into reality without the aid of the Almighty God, the care paid by our respected leadership, and the efforts exerted by the MOH employees, including those retirees", he said. 

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