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Six MOH employees terminated
25 March 2007
The Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane issued two decrees whereby six Saudi and expatriate employees in Jazan and Jeddah Health Affairs have been terminated. Four Saudi employees in Jazan Health Affairs have been terminated for accusations of bribery and embezzlement whereas two employees, one Sudanese and another Egyptian, have been terminated for embezzlement accusations.
The terminated employees are:
  1. Abdul Basit Abdullah Fare Al-Areefi (recruited)
  2. Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Rajeh (Pharmaceutical Technician)
  3. Omer bin Salem Omer Bahaj (Pharmaceutical Technician)
  4. Ali bin Mohammed Omer Fursani (Statistical Technician)
  5. Bakri Ismail Al-Bakri (Nurse)
  6. Yahia Zakaria Hasan Al-Tantawi (Health Superintendent)

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