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TB cases in Jeddah controlled, says Abul Jadail
25 March 2007
Dr. Naila Abul Jadail, Coordinator of the National Program for Combating Tuberculosis, Technical Supervisor of TB Centers in Makkah Al-Mukarrahmah Province, said the program, which has been applied in all parts of the Kingdom since 1997, aims at eradicating TB in the Kingdom for preventing it from imposing any economic or social threat to the community.
She said free treatment from TB is available to all citizens and residents as per the High Order No. 58505/7 issued on 03/12/1424H.
As for the services offered by the center, Dr. Abul Jadail said the center checks all complaints, including coughs and colds. It examines all kinds of TB cases, confines contacts, carries out epidemic explorations for individuals, groups and families, offers vaccines against typhoid, paratyphoid, yellow fever, and spinal fever to food providers, pilots and passengers traveling to affected tropical areas, as well as examining applicants for government jobs, military services, and household works. It also follows TB patients starting from diagnosis to full recovery.  
She said work in the center is carried out in accordance with the work mechanism approved by the Ministry of Health and WHO, using the forms approved by WHO (13 forms). Data collected through such forms are documented and entered into the computer for raising it finally to the Ministry of Health and WHO.
As for what has circulated by some newspapers regarding some TB cases encountered in Jeddah schools, Dr. Abul Jadail said some people are confusing between patients and contacts. The number of actual cases has been found to be only two cases, one female teacher and one female student, whereas the number of contacts has been 204, the rate of infection being about 1%.
She said the Ministry of Health, in its endevor to maintain the safety of the community, has secured the X ray Digital Check Up Apparatus, which measures the extent of sensitivity of the immune system against TB infections. 

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