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Ministry of Health calls for ensuring regular vaccination of children
19 March 2007
With reference to the increase in the number of registered measles cases recently in certain areas of the Kingdom and some neighboring countries, the Ministry of Health would like to explain that measles is an infective viral disease which usually becomes active during the period from January to April every four years. It usually affects children, the symptoms including temperature rise and other symptoms resembling the symptoms of cold for three or four days during which the virus becomes infective. This is accompanied by appearance of rashes on the face, chest, and the rest of the body, then the symptoms start to disappear gradually. The disease is common during childhood and has no specific treatment, the only treatment for it being through non specific drugs such as analgesic and temperature reducing drugs. It is included within the basic vaccination program of children. The newly registered cases are now being followed in order to control spreading. The people in contact of affected cases are being vaccinated, together with the children under one year in affected areas. The Ministry of Health, within its strategy for eradicating infective childhood diseases, is executing a national campaign of vaccination for all people ranging between 9 months and 18 years of age in all parts of the Kingdom during the coming few months. Therefore, the Ministry of Health hereby calls all citizens and residents to follow closely their children's vaccination schedule in accordance with the vaccination campaigns executed by the Ministry of Health.
Lastly, the Ministry of Health would like to ensure its keenness to provide health care to all for protecting them against infective diseases.  

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