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Minister of Health Approves a Plan for Appointing Graduates of MOH Health Colleges and Insitutions
07 February 2007
The Minister of Health Dr. Hamad A. Al-Mane approved the new regulations for recruiting the graduates of MOH health colleges and institutions as well as colleges and institutions belonging to other government sectors and the private sector. The approval comes in line with the decentralization policy for recruiting graduates, which authorizes the different Directorates of Health Affairs to persue the task of recruiting graduates, Dr. Al-Marghalani, the official speaker of the Ministry of Health, have been quoted as saying.
He said the Minister of Health has formed a committee under the chairmanship of the MOH Undersecretary for Planning and Development and membership of Dr. Rida Khalil, the General Supervisor of Health Colleges and Institutes, Mr. Saud Al-Rafea, the General Manager of Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Yacub Al-Mazroo, the Assistant Undersecretary for Therapeutic Medicine, Mr. Abdullah Al-Mitairi, the Employees Affairs General Manager, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al-Ghamdi, the Deputy General Manager of Hospitals. The committee reviewed and evaluated the plan, including its negative and positive aspects, taking into consideration that the decentralization policy is a strategic goal which must be implemented in accordance with the guidelines set by the Minister of Health. Accordingly, some regulations have been set for ensuring easy application and realizing justice in recruiting the graduates:
1- Upon accomplishing the probation period, the institute or college shall deliver the graduate upon signature the original graduation certificate + the probation period accomplishment certificate + a certificate of good conduct. The institute or college shall keep the receipt document as well as full copies of all documents submitted to the student, taken into consideration that the student's file shall be sent to his employer upon request.
2- Recruitment of all graduates shall be in accordance with the following stages:
a- Stage 1: From 15/01/1428H to 29/01/1428H. During this period, the provinces shall settle the situations of the technicians who work in provinces other than their original provinces. The Employees Affairs at the Ministry of Health in coordination with the Computer Department shall arrange for the suitable program to deal with such procedures.
b- Stage 2: From 30/01/1428H to 27/02/1428H. This period is allocated for recruiting the graduates of colleges belonging to the Ministry of Health. The First 3 weeks shall be allocated to receiving and sorting the applications, whereas the 4th week shall be allocated for selection and results announcements.
c- Stage 3: From 01/03/1428H to 28/03/1428H. This is a complementary stage for recruiting graduates who have not been recruited in Stage 2. The First 3 weeks shall be allocated to receiving and sorting the applications, whereas the 4th week shall be allocated for selection and results announcements.
d- Stage 4: From 11/04/1428H to 09/05/1428H. This is an open stage for recruiting all graduates. The First 3 weeks shall be allocated to receiving and sorting the applications, whereas the 4th week shall be allocated for selection and results announcements. Priority of recruitment shall be given to the graduates of colleges and institutes belonging to the Ministry of Health.
3- Recruitment selections shall be made according to the following:
a- The student's degree of graduation.
b- In cases of equal degrees differentiation shall be made in accordance with the date of graduation.
c- In cases of equal degrees and graduation dates reference shall be made to the rates of the higher school certificates.
d- In case of equality in all above criteriae, selection shall be made through casting lots in presence of the graduates.
e- A Central Recruitment Committee shall be established in each province or district under the chairmanship of the General Manager of Health Affairs in the provinces or the Health Affairs Manager in the districts, membership including their assistants (for hospitals, for primary health care, and for finance and admin affairs), as well as the Employees Affairs Manager in the province.
4- The General Directorate of Health Affairs shall disseminate the above regulations to all relative colleges and institutes, which will make them available to the graduates.
5- The graduates whose documents have been sent to any of the directorates shall be contacted by the relative authorities in the directorates for recruitment in accordance with the regulations herein.
"The recruitment regulations shall work for one year then reevaluated by a committee set for this purpose", said Al-Marghalani. "The General Directorate of Employees Affairs shall disseminate the regulations to all relative bodies. It will also make the necessary arrangements with the General Directorate of Computer for introducing the necessary amendments to the system in accordance with the data entered by computer on the situations of the graduates. 

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