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Minister of Health Patronizes Diabetic Foot Symposium
05 February 2007
The Minister of Health Dr. Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Mane shall patronize on Tuesday 25/01/1428H the Scientific Symposium for Caring Diabetic Foot under the banner "Healthy Foot .. Active Life", which is organized by the MOH unit for preventive medicine.
The symposium comes within the efforts exerted by MOH for preventing diabetes and relative complications. Selected researchers and specialists in the field of diabetes and diabetic foot caring shall offer lectures during the symposium. Workshops including representatives of diabetic patients from all over the Kingdom shall be convened where participants shall be informed of diabetic foot prevention and care. The workshops shall also discuss the ways of including the different sectors of the community in providing health education and medical care to diabetic patients.
The symposium shall be attended by the managers of diabetes centers and diabetes specialists. It is expected to be a basis for designing an on job training program for workers at the diabetes centers in the different parts of the Kingdom.

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