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Al-Amro Opens Spinal Cord Injuries Conference at King Fahd Medical City
04 February 2007
The Executive Manager of King Fahd Medical City Dr. Abdullah Al-Amro opened the conference entitled "Confronting Challenges Following Spinal Cord Injuries" at the KFMC Grand Lecture Hall among a scientific gathering of 200 specialists in spinal cord injuries and physical therapy. Nine speakers from different nationalities shall participate in the conference. Dr. Al-Amro in his inaugural speech said KFMC is steadily making its way towards attaining its objectives, which focuses generally on providing specialized medical services. The Deputy Executive Manager on Academic Affairs and Manager of KFMC Rehabilitation Hospital Dr. Ahmed Abu Abat in his speech in front of the conference said the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is classified as the first in the world regarding spinal cord injuries, the rate being 63 injuries within each million of the population. "80% of the injuries in the Kingdom result from traffic accidents affecting the brain or spinal cord", he said "The conference shall discuss a number of relative issues such as surgery procedures, pain combating, treatment of urination and excretion difficulties .. ect". As regarding the goals of the conference Dr. Abu Abat said the conference comes within the mission of the Medical Rehabilitation Hospital, which stresses the importance of offering high quality rehabilitation services. Furthermore, the hospital aims to be a center for research in the field of spinal cord injuries, in addition to supporting the efforts of the other bodies, coping with the new developments in rehabilitating spinal cord patients, and explaining the role of rehabilitation in following up those patients.

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