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Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs Allocates Signboards for Milk Drinking Campaign
04 February 2007
His Royal Highness Prince Muteib bin Abdul Aziz, the Minister of Municipality and Rural Affairs, in response with the national campaign for milk drinking organized by the Ministry of Health, instructed all provinces to allocate signboards for the campaign within and outside the cities.
The Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane expressed his gratitude to the Minister of Municipality and Rural Affairs for the initiative which he said is a reflection of care offered to health services by our respected leadership.
The Ministry of Health has launched on Saturday 01/01/1428H the activities of the National Day of Milk Drinking for the purpose of informing people of the effective role of milk drinking in combating osteoporosis. The campaign has been met by great welcome from both government and private sectors. A broad media coverage have been made for it and more than 6 million milk boxes have been distributed freely to schools and media sectors.

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