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Al-Baha Health the First in Risking Accident Victims
04 February 2007
The Manager of the Emergency Program for Dealing with Injuries (An Affiliation of the American College of Surgeons) extended its appreciation to Al-Baha Health Affairs, represented by its General Manager Dr. Ali bin Hamad Al-Ghamdi, for being ranked as the second in the Kingdom following the National Guards King Abdul Aziz City in providing training courses.
"The Advanced Program for Risking Accident Victims is one of three important emergency programs supervised by King Abdul Aziz City", said Al-Ghamdi  "They are: the Advanced Program for Risking Accident Victims, for doctors, the Advanced Program for Caring Accident Victims, for nurses, and the Pre-hospital Program for Risking Accident Victims. The three programs are Organized in cooperation with the American Society of Surgeons".
According to Al-Ghamdi, the Advanced Program for Risking Accident Victims is specially designed for doctors. It provides participants with the approved methods of prompt dealing with accident victims, in addition to providing necessary relative information. It also aims to enable them to make a prompt and accurate evaluation of the victim's case and provide the necessary risk accordingly. It determines the victim's needs which cannot be provided by the health center, the capabilities of doctors to handle the victim, and the correct and accurate procedures for dealing with the case within or outside the health facility.
He said the program offers internationally approved certificates.
Dr. Sayed Rabi, the Manager of the emergency unit at Al-Baha Health, said the scientific content and skills provided by the program have been specially designed for assisting doctors to be able to offer first aid to accident victims. The "Critical Golden Hour", which is the first hour in providing medical risk care to victims, concentrates on the extent of urgent need for providing efficient and prompt treatment to the victim. It offers the doctor the opportunity of having control on the morbidity rates resulting of accidents.
He said the program provides the basic information and skills on diagnosis and treatment for life threatening injuries. It enables the doctor to make the primary and secondary evaluation of the case, define the health care priorities, and starting primary and secondary medical care within the Critical Golden Hour in life threatening cases. 

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