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Hereditary diseases and congenital deformities are the main causes of death among newly born diseases, says Al-Howsani
27 February 2007
Dr. Hajer Al-Howsani, the Manager of the Central Administration for Motherhood Care and Primary Health Care Manager in Abu Dhabi, UAE, said wars and family violence are the major factors affecting childhood and motherhood health in some of the Arab countries.
She said adhering to vaccinations and healthy nutrition as well as good rearing, whether through learning or educated mothers, must be considered. "Families must ensure that family servants are not interfering with educational matters", she said. "Hereditary diseases and congenital deformities are the main issues to be cared about since many Arabic countries have gone far in dealing with nutrition and infective diseases".
She attributed most mortality cases among newly born children to hereditary diseases and congenital deformities, denoting that early checkup of hereditary diseases contribute greatly in decreasing the dangers imposed by those diseases.       
She said the National Record of Congenital Deformities shows the types of deformities and prevention methods. 

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