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Arab Ministers of Health to Convene Open Dialogue
25 February 2007
In line with the activities of the Arabic Child Health Conference hosted by Riyadh under the banner "Arabic Child Health .. A Nation's Investment", the Arab Ministers of Health participant at the conference shall convene an open dialogue at 1:30 pm on the first day of the activities.
The Ministerial meeting shall discuss a number of issues, including non availability of statistics regarding childhood and family violence, the high mortality rates among children, the mental health of adolescent children, the negative impacts of visible media on children, activation of the role of civil community organizations in boosting childhood and adolescence health, and incorrect nutritional practices.
It is to be mentioned here that a number of causes have called for convening this conference, including the need for finding an overall Arabic concept comprising programs and projects for elevating health services provided to children, the need for discussing health issues affecting children throughout the Arabic world, reviewing the tasks entrusted to the Arabic ministries of health and other health care units towards improving health care provided to Arab children, the endeavor to fill the gap between the health care levels in the Arabic world and the levels in the EU, North American and other countries.
The conference agenda are compatible with the developmental ambitions of the countries of the Arabic region. 

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