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15-20% of School Children are Affected by Diabetes, says Al-Mane
24 February 2007
The Ministry of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane, in his speech in front of the inauguration ceremony of the scientific symposium for caring diabetic foot yesterday in Riyadh, said the Kingdom submitted a working paper to the GCC ministers of health in their meeting in Kuwait lately. He said the paper included a proposal for launching a two years educational campaign for activating the role of preventive medicine in combating diabetes. He said the meeting adopted the proposal, adding that treatment costs of diabetes and relative complications in the Kingdom are estimated by SR5 billion Riyals annually. What is alarming about diabetes according to Dr. Al-Mane is its high prevalence in the Kingdom due to some nutritional customs and neglecting exercises. He revealed the fact that diabetes is prevalent among school children. Analyses have shown that about 15-20% of school children are affected by the disease.
Dr. Al-Mane was greatly shocked when he heard about the sufferings of diabetic patients in the provinces due to lack of medicines at the hospitals and health centers. Directing concerned officials at the Ministry of Health to provide diabetes medicines to needy areas, he said he will follow this issue personally. 
Mr. Abdu Zailai, a diabetes patient who attended the occasion from Jazan raised three claims from diabetes patients to the Minister of Health, an internet link for diabetes and endocrine glands patients living in the different parts of the Kingdom, an ID card including the details of the patient's case for dealing with any unexpected emergencies or complications, and activation of the role of diabetes patients in combating the disease. The Minister welcomed the demands, promising to study them for putting them into effect.
Dr. Khalid Al-Zahrani, the MOH Assistant Undersecretary for Preventive Medicine, said diabetes rates in the Middle East are expected to increase by 150% during the first fourth of the 21st century, compared to 41% in the industrialized countries. He said the disease affects mostly the productive sectors of the community, a matter which adds to the complication of the problem. "The Gulf countries are classified within the highly affected countries, the average prevalence rate being 23%.", he said.
He said diabetes is the main cause of kidney failures. It is also a significant factor in acquiring blindness as well as in cases of limb amputations and many other diseases. "Foot amputation is a common problem in the world", he said. "Every 30 seconds a diabetic patient loses his foot. Diabetic patients are subject to foot amputation by 25 folds. Also, 20% of diabetic patients require hospitalization for treatment against diabetic foot. The symposium shall review the different aspects of diabetic foot for finding solutions for its different complications". 

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