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MOH Announces Names of Graduates Nominated to Provinces
24 February 2007
The Employees Affairs General Manager Mr. Abdullah bin Inayat Allah Al-Mitairi said registration of the names of the candidates directed to the provinces for the year 1427/1428H has been finalized in accordance with their respective wishes. Notifying each graduate to contact his province, Mr. Al-Mitairi confirmed there is no use contacting the Ministry of Health.
"The candidates were directed on the basis of their first choices", he said. "Those who require to change their choices have to submit their applications to their respective provinces. The employees managers at the provinces shall transfer the applications, including the provinces to which the applicants would like to work, to the MOH headquarters, where authorized officials shall take the necessary action".
He said the body to which each graduate has been nominated shall demand the candidate's file from the college or institute from which he has been graduated for finalizing the appointment procedures.
Al-Mitairi urged the employees affairs in the provinces to make their nominations through the system without altering any employment information registered by the General Directorate of Employees Affairs.
He said a closed computer system has been created that allows only authorized officials to introduce additions or alterations. Access to the system is available to authorized officials through the civil registration number of each graduate. It prevents repetitions of names and shows whether the nominee is occupying another job within the MOH health sectors.
he said the names of female graduates shall be declared soon. 

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