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We Need to Keep the Nursing Staff Aware of Their Duties, Says Al-osaimi
20 February 2007
The General Manager of Nursing Munirah Al-Osaimi said the recent meeting of the managers of nursing in the provinces reviewed the preparations for the next year Hajj season, including the negative aspects confronted last year. The meeting also discussed the nursing criteriae to be applied throughout the Kingdom as well as the programs for introducing those criteriae within the nursing rules and procedures. She said the criteriae application percentage reached 75% in some provinces, whereas other provinces are witnessing some failures.
"The aim behind applying the procedures and regulations is to keep the nursing staff aware of their duties, responsibilities, and job descriptions for the purpose of satisfying the patient, the health facility and the nursing staff", she said.  "The meeting also discussed the unified training strategy, the issues relative to statistics, the nursing mistakes in the provinces, and all issues relative to the conferences and symposia convened outside the Ministry of Health. Meetings shall be made with the General Manager of Health Centers and the General Manager of Personnel Affairs for estimating their needs of nursing personnel".
She said selection shall be made for the best nursing directorate through competition, a matter which will lead to better treatment services. "Criteriae have been set for evaluating the services offered to the patient", She said.
She appreciated the support offered to the Nursing Directorate by the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane. "Dr. Al-Mane personally follows up the nursing affairs", she said. "He personally meets the nursing staff for eliminating any obstacles they confront".

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