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Preparations for Hosting Child Conference Guests Accomplished
18 February 2007
Mr. Ghazi Al-Jailani, head of the reception committee of the Arabic Child Health Conference, said the committee has accomplished the preparatory works for hosting the participants of the Arabic Child Conference scheduled to be held in Riyadh during the period 6-8/2/1428H, 24-26/2/2007. he said Coordination in this regard has been made with officials at the VIP reception halls, the Passports, and the Customs for providing the best services.
He said two offices, one at the airport and the other at the hotel, have been allotted for the use of the committee. "The National Guard office at the airport has also been set ready for the committee work", he said. "A team of women shall escort women participants to their hotels. Also a number of actions have been taken for dealing with any health emergencies occurring during the conference, including rehabilitating the airport MOH clinic and quarantine pharmacy. Contacts have been made with the Health Affairs in Riyadh and the Saudi Red Crescent Society for providing ambulances".
He said the committee has provided the committee members with the unified statistical data of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for enabling them to answer the questions regarding the health situation in the Kingdom. 

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