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Medical Companies Invited to Arabic Child Conference
18 February 2007
Dr. Khalid bin Abdul Rahman Al-Husain, the MOH Directorate of Medical Supplies and head of the committee of the expo accompanying the Arabic Child Health Conference, confirmed the accomplishment of all arrangements relative to establishing and opening the expo.
He said invitation has been extended to the national medical companies and international relative companies to participate in the expo which will be held at the King Faisal Hall for Conferences, Intercontinental Hotel, Riyadh. "The areas allotted for each participant, whether a drug company, a hospital, an operation company, a medical supplies company, or a hospitals equipment company, shall be defined later", he said.
Dr. Al-Husain said coordination is now under way with a number of national medical companies for securing visits for the guests to their facilities.
He praised the cooperation encountered by the expo committee from the companies which have shown their intention to participate in the expo. 

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