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Legal Medicine Received 213 Death Cases During Two Weeks, says Al-Ghamdi
11 February 2007
Dr. Saeed G. Al-Ghamdi, Supervisor of the Legal Medicine Centre and Deaths Affairs in Riyadh said 213 death cases have been received by the Legal Medicine Centre during the last two weeks. "The figure includes 26 cases resulting from traffic accidents", he said "The cases differ from natural to accidental, suicidal and criminal cases".
According to Al-Ghamdi, the number of bodies sent to outside the Kingdom have been 75 cases, of which 17 bodies have been to Bangladesh, 15 to India, and 10 to Pakistan. He said the corpses undergo a number of procedures before being taken to their countries, including approvals of the diseased relatives, the embassy of the relative country, and the security. The fees for sending a corpse to outside the Kingdom is about SR2000, including payments for the coffin and mummification, as well as payments to doctors, technicians, workers and washers.

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