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GCC symposium discusses side effects of drugs
07 November 2007
The MOH Undersecretary for Executive Affairs Dr. Mansour bin Nasser Al-Hawas attended at Riyadh Mariot hotel yesterday morning, on behalf of the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Mane, the opening session of the GCC Symposium on Following the Side Effects of Vaccines, which is organized by the Executive office of the GCC Council of Health Ministries.
The ceremony started by the Royal Anthem, followed by recitation from the Holy Quran. Then Sanovy Pasteur's GCC Regional Manager Dr. Ramzy Mashriq delivered a speech on behalf of the company. This has then been followed by the speech of Dr. Tawfeeq Khoja, the Director General of the Executive office of the GCC Council of Health Ministries.
In his speech, Dr. Khojah said the Executive Office has organized the symposium in continuation of a program for following the effects of drugs after marketing. The office convened three symposia on the issue, the first in 1424 under the title "Following Side Effects", the second on drug mistakes in 1426, and the third on drug quality. The present symposium, which is the fourth one, looks into the side effects of vaccines.
He said following the side effects of vaccines is of great importance since there are more than 30 vaccines, which are used by millions of people for preventing some simple viral diseases and other dangerous diseases such as cancer. Many side effects are simple but some of them affect all organs of the body and may require hospitalizing.
He said registering the drugs and exchanging information among the GCC countries is a major objective of the Executive Office for securing effective joint cooperation in following the effects of drugs.
On his part, Dr. Al-Hawasi valued in his speech the role of the private sector in supporting government efforts. He also denoted the role of the Executive office of the GCC Council of Health Ministries in coordinating the works between member countries. He said the subject of he meeting, which concentrates on the side effects of drugs, is vital, technical, and will yield its positive results in the near future.  

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