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We must all fight the "Silent Disease", says Al-Mazroo
07 November 2007
The MOH Undersecretary for Therapeutic Medicine Dr. Yaqub Al-Mazroo said osteoporosis attacks both men and women at all ages. Describing osteoporosis as the "Silent Disease" in his speech in front of the opening session of the activities of the International Day of Awareness against Osteoporosis, on behalf of the Minister of Health, he said  osteoporosis infiltrates slowly into the bones, thus depriving them from their strength.
He said the problem is serious at all individual, familial, social, and national levels. Studies have confirmed that one of each two women over fifty is subject to bone fractures due to osteoporosis, whereas one of each eight men also suffers from the problem.
He attributed the causes of the disease mainly to bad eating imporper food, reduced body activity, non exposure to sunlight, and overdrinking soft drinks.
He said MOH has been aware of its role towards combating the disease. It has in this regard organized awareness programs and conducted studies for exploring the prevalence of the disease and the ways of preventing its effects.
On his part the MOH Official Speaker Dr. Khalid Al-Marghlani revealed in his speech in front of the meeting that MOH has been aware of the seriousness of the disease since its early known cases. It has spared no effort in enlightening individuals to follow the right health guides and nutritional habits in order to avoid the disease.
Then the Scientific Office Manager of MSD Company Mr. Wael Qasim delivered a speech in which he appreciated the efforts of MOH in combating chronic diseases, denoting that MOH has carried out the preparations for the occasion under the motto "We must Defeat Fractures".
He said his company has started its first step in enlightening against osteoporosis and its side effects last year by launching a nationwide six month campaign under the patronage of the Minister of Health.  

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