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MOH recommends more fluoride in drinking water networks
26 November 2007
The Minister of Health Dr. Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Mane said the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) has adopted the MOH recommendations regarding addition of fluoride ion to the main drinking water networks in the major cities. The recommendation was made in response to the high rates of dental caries among children in spite of the therapeutic and preventive efforts exerted by MOH for combating dental caries, said the MOH official speaker Dr. Khalid Al-Marghalani.
He said the Minister of Health has received a letter from SASO Director General, whereby he appreciated the MOH efforts in this respect. "He confirmed to the Minister of Health that he has informed all concerned bodies to adopt the recommendation of the scientific committee formed by the Ministry of Health under the chairmanship of the MOH Undersecretary for Planning and Development Dr. Obeid Al-Obeid and the membership of a number of specialists from the Ministry of Health, the Saudi universities, and local and international organizations", said Al-Marghalani. "The standard specification of tap water in the Kingdom - which determines the maximum allowed limit of fluoride ion at 1.5 parts of fluoride ion for each million parts of water (mg/litre) - has been amended according to the MOH recommendation by adopting a minimum allowed limit of about 0. 6-0.8 parts of fluoride ion for each million parts of water, which is the case adopted in bottled water circulated in local markets".
On the other hand, the MOH Director General of Dentistry Dr. Mohammed Al-Rafae said the application of the recommended standard will reduce the prevalence of dental caries to about 50-60 percent of the current rates. "The recommendation has excluded certain areas of high drinking water fluoride concentration from applying the new standard", he said. "It includes periodical checkup of fluoride levels in drinking water for ensuring the best levels of fluoride ion in the different areas of the Kingdom". 

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