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MOH tobacco case followed
11 November 2007
The Minister of Health Dr. Hamad bin Al-Mane said his ministry is the first health ministry in the world to file a complaint against tobacco companies. He said he had consulted a number of scholars and legal specialists before raising the claim.
He said the Ministry of Health aims at alerting the public against the hazards of tobacco and not mainly concerned with the compensation claim. He admitted receipt of both approving and non approving calls.
"Our lawyer attended the first sitting of hearing but none of the tobacco companies' representatives showed" he said. "We will pursue our preparations for the case, aiming to draw public attention to the health threatens imposed by tobacco".
He confirmed the widely spreading use of tobacco among the different age groups as well as its promotion under different names. "We bear a great responsibility towards this issue in front of Allah, our leadership, and our people", he said.
The Minister of Health headed the first meeting of the National Committee for Tobacco Combating, which has been attended by all members, including representatives from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of culture and Information, the Ministry of Education and Learning, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Ministry of Social Affairs, the General Presidency of Youth Welfare, and the Ministry of Health. The meeting reviewed a brief report on the economic and health effects of using tobacco products and the history of tobacco combating in the Kingdom.
The meeting also reviewed the goals of the committee, its duties, proposed timetable for its meetings, formation of branch committees for enlightening, planning, follow up, etc.  

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