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Saudi Turkish Agreement Followed
31 January 2007
In line with the efforts exerted by the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad A. Al-Mane in activating bilateral health relations between Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Turkey, an agreement has been finalized during the late visit of Al-Mane to Turkey for recruiting 500 highly qualified nurses to work in Saudi Arabia. Two drug companies have also been licensed to work in Saudi Arabia. A joint committee has been formed for enhancing the Health Manpower Program between the two countries. The committee shall be directly connected to the two ministers of health for ensuring prompt decision making in Turkey.
Dr. Al-Mane has discussed with his Turkish counterpart Prof. Risi Akwaj the ways of strengthening bilateral health relations between Riyadh and Anqara. He visited Misa Hospital and Ataturk Training and Research Hospital to be informed of the quality of medical education and training services.
A memo of understanding for cooperation in the field of health has already been concluded during the visit of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to Turkey last year. The memo signed by Minister of Finance on behalf of the Minister of Health Dr. Al-Mane is now forwarded from the Experts Panel at the Council of Ministers to the Shura Assembly for routine administrative procedures. It calls the two parties to consolidate cooperation in manpower education and training, preparation of joint training programs, exchange of experience through scientific meetings, conferences, expos, and mutual visits of experts,  as well as investment in drug manufacturing and medical equipment.
Dr. Al-Mane expressed his satisfaction regarding the outcome of his visit, saying the results serves the interests of the two parties. Short visits can be made for Turkish specialists to King Fahd Medical City in Riyadh. Contracts can also be made with intensive care consultants and nurses to work for temporary periods during Hajj seasons.
It is worth mentioning that Dr. Al-Mane pays great care to improving service quality and supporting manpower through recruitment of highly trained personnel. In this regard, he performed official visits to Pakistan, Bangladesh, morocco, India, turkey and other countries, where he discussed the issues of boosting cooperation in the field of health service provision and supporting health services through recruitment of qualified personnel.
Turkey owns 783 government hospitals, including 130982 beds, in addition to 53 university hospitals and 308 private hospitals. It also owns 40 faculties of medicine, 400 nursing schools, and 6000 centers for primary health care. About 80000 doctors work at the Turkish Minister of Health facilities, including 25000 doctors working in health centers.  The number of annually graduated doctors is 2700. 

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