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Minister of Health Patronizes Chronic Diseases Conf.
31 January 2007
Dr. Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Mane, the Minister of Health, shall patronize the Saudi Gulf Symposium for Chronic Diseases and the First Meeting of the Specialized Health Societies organized by the Ministry of Health under the title (Protection against Chronic Diseases .. A Biological Investment), at the Dhahran International Exhibitions Company in Dammam during the period from 30/1/1428H to 4/2/1428H.
Dr. Khalid M. Al-Marghalni, the General Supervisor of Information and Health Education, said the symposium is held within of the educational efforts exerted by the Ministry of Health for combating chronic diseases through encouraging people to adopt new life patterns. The symposium aims to inform people of the risk factors involved in chronic diseases, their prevalence rates, the dangers they impose to the community, the strategies adopted in preventing them, the relative morbidity rates, in addition to seeking ways for facilitating contacts and exchange of experiences among the sectors concerned with combating chronic diseases.
According to Dr. Al-Marghalani, the symposium agenda includes involved risk factors, prevalence rates, WHO's combating strategies, MOH strategies and programs, morbidity rates, health economies relative to chronic diseases, investment in adolescence and childhood health, national, regional and international experiences, integration and cooperation among concerned bodies, and the responsibility of the community.
The symposium shall be attended by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of information, the General Presidency of Youth Care, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in addition to the faculties of medicine, the health colleges, the health societies, relative private bodies, and the Executive Office of the GCC Ministers of Health Council. 

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