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Kingdom to Host the Arabic Conference on Child Health
30 January 2007
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia shall host the Arabic Conference on Child Health to be organized during the period 6-8/02/1428H, corresponding to February 24-26, 2007.
Dr. Rida bin Mohammed Khalil told reporters in a press conference held at MOH premises yesterday morning that MOH shall organize the conference in cooperation with the Arab League. All Arab League member countries shall attend the conference to discuss the health situation of children in the Arabic countries during the last five years. They shall also discuss the relative problems and obstacles for the purpose of finding solutions to them.
On his part, the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane said the conference has been approved by the Council of the Arab Ministers of Health in its normal 30th session held in Cairo in March 2006. "The conference is the resultant fruit of the effective contributions of all sisterly Arab countries to the cause of children health", he said.
The conference aims to consolidate and boost the government role in childhood health by encouraging private and civil contribution. It also aims to facilitate experience exchange among all Arab countries in the field of childhood health. In addition, the conference shall have a role in improving public awareness of issues relative to rehabilitating the children and those of special needs in the Arab world. It will as well look into formulating a comprehensive package of programs and projects directed towards improving the health services provided to the Arab children.
The conference shall be convened under the motto "The Arabic Child Health .. A Nation's Investment" for attaining the developmental goals of the third millennium in accordance with the Second Arabic Work Plan for Childhood (2004 – 2015) and the regional and international trends in the field of childhood health.
A number of topics shall be dealt with by the conference, including the health situation of children in the Arabic countries during the last five years (the achievements, the obstacles, and the aspirations), existent strategies, policies and health systems, attaining the goals of the third millennium in the field of childhood health, high priority health problems such disabilities, chronic diseases, as well as psychological and mental health of children, healthy nutrition of children and pregnant women, accidents and injuries of children, environmental pollutants and their effects on children, health care to children of special needs, role of primary health care in protecting against diseases, joint work of governments, private sector, the community, and health care providers, the effects of media and health education on the child's health, and the future point of boosting children health.
The conference sessions shall be held at the King Faisal Conference Hall in Riyadh. Specialists and concerning experts have been invited to the conference, which will be accompanied by an expo showing the most important efforts, activities, and medicinal and nutritional products.

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