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Al-Ikhbariya Channel's Coverage of Milk Day Praised
30 January 2007
The Saudi Al-Ikhbariya TV Channel performed a remarkable coverage for the activities of the opening ceremonies of the National Day of Milk Drinking, thus contributing greatly to the success of the occasion. The ceremonies were organized by the Ministry of Health under the patronage of the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Mane and attendance of the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Fahd Balghonaim. High officials from the public and private sectors also attended the ceremonies.
A number of MOH officials interviewed by the channel explained the importance of the MOH educational campaigns in promoting health awareness among the community and combating epidemic diseases, specially osteoporosis, the prevalence of which has been estimated by 67% among women.
Al-Ikhbariya's initiative has won the appreciation of the Ministry of Health. Al-Ikhbariya and other news media have been occasionally participating in all previous MOH occasions, thus effectively contributing in conveying MOH mission to the community. MOH depicted Al-Ikhbariya's contribution as reflecting a cooperative and integrative trend among the bodies concerned with community health towards realizing the interests of our people. 

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