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MOH Distributes Informative Booklets During Hajj
24 January 2007
The Ministry of Health distributed over 1.5 million informative brochures in different languages among pilgrims within its comprehensive health education campaign which also included 9600 posters.
In addition, thousands of informative booklets were printed and distributed during Hajj season by the MOH Information Committee, including (The Healthy Pilgrim Guide), (Health Services in Hajj .. Facts, Realities and Figures), (Health in Hajj for the Year 1427H), (Your Health in Hajj), in addition to a booklet including statistics covering the health facilities in the Sacred Shrines.
The General Supervisor of Information and Health Education Dr. Khalid Marghalani appreciated the contributions of Arla Food Company in the publication of two booklets, namely (Your Health in Hajj) and (Health Services in Hajj .. Facts, Realities and Figures).
(Health Services in Hajj .. Facts, Realities and Figures) includes a documentary record of the health services provided by the Ministry of Health during the Hajj season of the year 1426H, whereas (Your Health in Hajj) includes guidelines for healthy Hajj, in addition to the health requirements which must be met by Hajj and Omra performers.
The Ministry of Health has set 21 hospitals for work in the Sacred Capital, the Sacred Shrines, and Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah, with a total capacity of 3970 beds applicable for increase by 721 beds. The hospitals services were supported by 145 health centers, the number of patients served being more than 700.000 pilgrims. Medicines and medical equipment were secured with a total cost of SR67 million. 

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