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Abdullah Rashad Sings to Children on Milk Day Occasion
22 January 2007
Preparations are under way for the launching celebrations of the National Day for Milk Drinking on Saturday Muharram 1st, 1428H. The program includes diverse activities for urging people to acquire the habit of milk drinking. Singer Abdullah Rashad has finalized the preparations of a song for inducing children to drink milk.
The celebrations also include speeches of relative officials from the Ministry of Health, who will elaborate on the same concepts relative to the importance of milk drinking.
It has been noticed recently that osteoporosis has shown prevalence among Saudis due to ignorance relative to the nutritional values of milk drinking. A standard cup of milk contains about 227mg of phosphorous, whereas people within the age range of 9-18 need a daily diet of 1250mg of phosphorous, which decreases to 700mg afterwards.

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