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Al-Obaikan Confirms Participation in Milk Day Occasion
22 January 2007
Shiekh Abdul Mohsin Al-Obaikan, the consultant at the Ministry of Justice and Member of Shura Assembly, praised the efforts of the Ministry of Health in promoting health services. He valued the health awareness campaigns organized by the Ministry of Health as being an indication of commitment towards public safety and disease combating.
Sheikh Al-Obaikan expressed his intent to participate in the activities organized by the Ministry of Health on Muharram 1st 1428H at Radison Sas Hotel in Riyadh. He appreciated the preventive approach of the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad A. Al-Mane, denoting that such strategy has been hailed by regional and international organizations, especially the World Health Organization.
Referring to the allotment of a national day for milk drinking, he said this is an indication of the capability of the Ministry of Health to carry out its main task of protecting the citizens and residents from diseases such as osteoporosis, which has shown high prevalence, especially among women.
He stressed the importance of milk in providing the body with vitamins and energy, advising all to drink it instead of some other doubtful drinks which may even cause harm to the body.
Shiekh Al-Obaikan called upon all citizens and residents to interact with the goals of the occasion by drinking milk and encouraging others to drink it, since this is the only indication that the efforts of the Ministry of Health has reached its success. 

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