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MOH Launches Milk Day
15 January 2007
MOH, in participation of the governors of the provinces, the ministers, and representatives of both private and government social organizations, shall launch on the 1st day of Muharram 1428H the activities of the first International Day of Milk Drinking. The celebrations come in line with the educational campaigns organized by MOH throughout the year.
The General Supervisor of Information and Health Education Dr. Khalid Margalani told reporters that the celebrations shall be attended by all government sectors, pointing out that the celebrations aim to promote health awareness through educating people on healthy nutritional behaviors and the important benefits of drinking milk. The campaign concentrates on persuading children to acquire the habit of drinking milk.
Dr. Hamad Al-Man' extended requests to their Royal Highness the princes of the provinces, their Highness the ministers, the government sectors, and media channels to support MOH efforts in this regard through urging their staff to drink milk on Saturday Muharram 1st at their offices. MOH, in coordination with milk companies, had made arrangements to distribute milk freely for students at the different schools throughout the Kingdom. 
Dr. Al-Man' formed a study committee under the chairmanship of Dr. Safiya Al-Shirbini, the internist at King Fahd Medical Hospital, for looking into the need for increased vitamin D in milk. He expressed his hope that the Milk Day shall set a model for launching similar projects in the future.

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