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Riyadh Medical Complex Celebrates the International Day of Disability
13 January 2007
The Riyadh Medical Complex, in coordination with the International Rehabilitation Team, organized the opening celebrations of the International Day of Disability (Towards a Society without Disability).
Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Dakhil, the General Manager of Health Affairs in Riyadh, said the activities are part of MOH efforts to socialize the  handicapped so that they don’t feel they are isolated due to sensitive, mental or movement disabilities.
He Referred to the recent scientific trends, which are attempting towards understanding the problems related to disability and providing support to the disabled, pointing out that the handicapped are unable to make use of IT and telecommunication technologies in the same manner of sound people.
The Health Affairs Management in Riyadh organized a large campaign on disability. They explained their need of participation of all social sectors in the educational program organized by hospitals and primary health clinics.
According to the traffic records of Riyadh city for the year 1426H, 408 people have died and 1481 people disabled out of traffic accidents, the total figure of which have risen to 139250. Therefore, this international occasion represents a great opportunity for finding solutions and treatments through workshops and lectures.
Dr. Adnan bin Sulaiman Al-Abdul Kareem, the general supervisor of Riyadh Medical Complex, said a total of 1934 orthopedic operations have been carried out during the past year. The outpatient admissions have risen to a total of 22375 cases.
The complex includes a unit for artificial limbs where a total of 2075 disability cases resulting from traffic accidents have been diagnosed and treated during last year. More than 18607 patients have also been admitted last year by the physical therapy units at the three hospitals of the complex, whereas the brain surgery unit has admitted 4086 cases and carried out 463 operations.   

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