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Research and Training Remunerations Bylaw Applied
10 January 2007
The Ministry of Health approved the application of the Public Management Institute's Research and Training Remunerations Bylaw on the technical health programs carried out at the MOH training centers.
"MOH applies the provisions of the PMI Bylaw because our programs are approved by the Saudi Board for Health Specialties", said Khalid bin Mohammed Margalani, the General Supervisor of Media and Health Education at MOH. 
According to Margalni, the application of the bylaw, which has been approved by the Civil Service Council, shall continue for a period of 3 years. Afterwards, the application shall be revised and evaluated and a report shall be raised to the Civil Service Council including proposals for either extension, amendment, or termination of the bylaw.
Margalni confirmed the intention of the Ministry of Health to open the opportunities for training for all staff, such training being either outside the Kingdom or at the 14 MOH cardiopulmonary resuscitation centers and 5 health centers distributed throughout the Kingdom.

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