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New Edition of Nutrition and Health Magazine Issued
10 January 2007
MOH has issued the51st Edition of the Nutrition and Health Magazine for Thul Hijja Month 1427.
The editorial being written by Dr. Mohammed S. Al-Jassir, Supervisor of the General Management of Nutrition, focused on MOH role in hosting health and nutrition conferences, especially those concerned with nutritional education of individuals in the Arab countries in general and Saudi Arabia in particular. Pointing to the importance of such conferences in combating diseases relative to nutritional customs, the editorial outlined the different protective, therapeutic, and rehabilitation services provided to both citizens and residents in the Kingdom.
The magazine in its editorial shed light upon the Arabic Child Health Conference to be hosted by the Kingdom during 6-8/2/1428H, 24-26/2/2007, under the motto: Arabic Child Health .. A Nation's Investment. The conference aims to determine the health situation of the Arabic child during the past five years, the policies adopted for improvement and realized achievements, the obstacles hindering improvement, and the anticipations for better future. A broad concept for required programs and projects shall be formulated in line with the conference recommendations.
The magazine also contains diverse articles on the importance of nutrition in protecting against diseases such as cancer, the health benefits of Zamzam water, etc.
It is worth mentioning here that Nutrition and Health is an educational magazine published periodically by the General Management of Nutrition, Ministry of Health and distributed freely to medical officials and personnel at the hospitals as well as through marketplaces or individual subscription. It is concerned with health education, healthy food, incorrect nutritional behaviour, etc. 
Taif Health Distributes over 5000 Educational pamphlets
In Line with the commencement of the National Campaign for Combating Hepatitis B under the motto Liver is Life, as well as the commencement of the second phase of the National Campaign for Combating Overweight and Obesity under the motto Balance your Life, a press conference has been held by Taif General Management of Health Affairs. During the conference more than 5000 pamphlets have been distributed to all health sectors. Copies of the pamphlets have also been distributed to all hospitals, health centers, and government and private pharmacies.
Moreover, Taif Health Education Department in cooperation with Afkar Advertising and Announcing Co., distributed over 2000 copies of educational publications on the National Campaign for Combating Overweight and Obesity in public and tourist areas.   

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