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Al-Mani' Appreciates Leadership Support
10 January 2007
Met Congratulators on the Occasion of Eid Al-Adha
Al-Mani' Appreciates the Leadership Support
MOH Budget is SR23 billion and Carries Good News
HH Dr. Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Man' raised his gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and HRH the Crown Prince for the government's unlimited support to the health services offered to the pilgrims. "The government support had its great effect on the safety of the pilgrims and participated greatly in non occurrance of epidemic or contagious diseases during Hajj", he told the congratulators on Eid Al-Adha occasion at his office.
Dr. Al-Mani' also appreciated the great efforts exerted by the staff assigned for Hajj works this year, which greatly contributed to the success of the Hajj plan for this year. He referred in this regard to the efforts of MOH engineers in designing and supervising construction, furnishing, and commissioning works of Mina Emergency Hospital within a period of only 10 months and a total cost of SR185 million.
Regarding ongoing projects, Dr. Al-Man' referred to a number of strategic projects which will be carried out this year, the most important of which are the Cooperative Health Insurance project, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques project for establishing 2000 health centers, and equipment of 105 hospitals in a number of areas. He referred to the great care and full loyalty required by such huge projects, denoting that any negligence will be met by prompt measures.
The Ministry of Health has executed a number of developmental projects in the different Hajj areas with a total cost of SR230 million. This year witnessed the opening and commissioning of Mina Emergency Hospital near Al-Jamarat Bridge with a capacity of 182 beds. A mobile emergency hospital has also been established near Al-Jamarat Bridge with a capacity of 6 containers. Jabal Al-Rahma hospital has been subject to extension, wherby emergency and outpatient clinics have been renewed and new clinics established to the capacity of 50 beds with a cost of SR15 million. Outpatient clinics of Namira hospital have also been renewed with a cost of SR5 million. In Arafat, the primary health centers have been improved and Arafat General Hospital have been equipped with a central main warehouse with a cost of SR3 million. 11 health centers and some intensive care units at a number of hospitals in the sacred shrines have been improved, including SR7 million support for medical and non medical equipment. 21 permanent and temporary hospitals in the sacred capital, Al-Madina Al-Munawara, and the sacred shrines have been set ready for service. Those hospitals are supported by 145 care units providing high quality health services during Hajj season with a total capacity of 3932 beds capable of increasing by 709 beds. This year, a total amount of SR18 million have allotted for health facilities in the sacred capital and sacred shrines.
Research and Training Remunerations Bylaw Applied
The Ministry of Health approved the application of the Public Management Institute's Research and Training Remunerations Bylaw on the technical health programs carried out at the MOH training centers.
"MOH applies the provisions of the PMI Bylaw because our programs are approved by the Saudi Board for Health Specialties", said Khalid bin Mohammed Margalani, the General Supervisor of Media and Health Education at MOH. 
According to Margalni, the application of the bylaw, which has been approved by the Civil Service Council, shall continue for a period of 3 years. Afterwards, the application shall be revised and evaluated and a report shall be raised to the Civil Service Council including proposals for either extension, amendment, or termination of the bylaw.
Margalni confirmed the intention of the Ministry of Health to open the opportunities for training for all staff, such training being either outside the Kingdom or at the 14 MOH cardiopulmonary resuscitation centers and 5 health centers distributed throughout the Kingdom.

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