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Dr. Khoshaim: Depending on its Potentials and Cadres, MOH Achieved Sufficiency in this Year's Hajj
27 October 2012
   The Deputy Minister of Health for Planning and Development, and head of the Hajj Preparatory Committees, Dr. Mohammed Khoshaim, pointed out that the Ministry of Health (MOH) managed, during this year's Hajj season, to do without recruiting labor force from abroad, and suffice with its own abilities in order to remarkably operate all the facilities. This is carried out through the medical, technical calibers within the Kingdom; without the need to recruit cadres from outside the Kingdom for the Hajj season.  
Meanwhile, Dr. Khoshaim, at a press conference held at the Mina Emergency Hospital, made clear that the Ministry of Health has a lot of continuous developmental plans and programs, and always seeks to prepare early for the next Hajj season. As such, preparing for the next Hajj season starts shortly after the current Hajj season finishes. He went on pointing out that the Ministry of Health (M0H) is keen to focus on existing in force at any area where the pilgrims' gatherings abound. He also called for working on adding health centers close to where train stations exist in the next year; which are to be added to the Ministry's medical field teams, spread among the pilgrims' gatherings by 80 medically-equipped ambulances.
He also drew attention to the fact that the Ministry, over this year, trained the physicians and practitioners on many of the devices designated to deal with sun stroke cases and heat stress such as cool blanket and venous cooling devices, and putting them to test in anticipation of the next Hajj seasons that come around during the summer season and high temperatures. Also, the Ministry of Health was keen to provide all the medical devices even if they were of little need such as bleeding treatment and electricity-cauterizing devices, which only some of the pilgrim patients need.
Within the same vein, Dr. Khoshaim stressed on the necessity of having the medical expeditions and states educate their pilgrims from health perspective, especially those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. As such, the medical reports have shown that a lot of the ambulatory cases take place as a result of the pilgrim's ignorance of dealing properly with their health condition.
As for the working hours at the Holy Sites' hospitals, he made clear that their work during the Hajj days continues around the clock, to the effect that they had medical crews move to support from Mina to Arafat on the Day of Arafat. He went on adding that the Ministry of Health (MOH) achieved remarkable success in recruiting the cadres and providing the best services for the pilgrim patients. Allah willing, Mina Emergency Hospital and East Arafat Hospital are to continue in providing their services for the pilgrims after the Hajj days and till the end of the Hajj season. He also expressed his confidence in the ability of the Holy Sites' hospitals to accommodate the patients, and coordinate among themselves when there is no vacant bed at any hospital to move the patient to another hospital.
As far as the number of the pilgrim death cases is concerned, Dr. Khoshaim said that the recorded numbers, till now, are less than the past years, this, May Allah be praised, reflects the success of the health efforts in taking care of the pilgrims' health, ministering to the pilgrim patients, providing the medical services, and spreading them all over the Hajj sites.
Besides, he assured all that the pilgrims' health condition is good, and no epidemic or infectious cases have been reported so far. As such, the Ministry of Health (MOH) plays its role properly and is interested in recruiting the distinctive cadres in terms of consultants, physicians, and technicians, and providing the latest devices. He went on adding that during this year's Hajj season; ten of the latest devices were introduced in order to deal with heat stress cases. In addition to this, dialysis machines were provided and 1500 dialysis sessions were conducted with them; and cardiac catheterization devices with which surgical operations were conducted for 365 pilgrims. And it is expected that this number is to rise to 300 pilgrims till the end of the Hajj season.
He noted further about the integration and harmony between the Ministry of Health (MOH) and all the other health sectors, and the interest in providing consistent services and integration with regard to the specialty. Thus, the other health bodies support the Ministry of Health providing the health services and specialize in specific services such as the interest of the medical services of the Ministry of Defense in tackling the environmental disasters, Allah forbid. 
At the conclusion of the conference, the Deputy Minister extended his thanks to media for their remarkable role in educating the pilgrims and shedding light on the efforts, the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and his Heir Apparent, May Allah protect them, makes; in order to serve the pilgrims and provide all the capabilities to facilitate the performance of their Hajj rites.

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