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Vaccinations for Hajj
Media Information and Health Awareness Center

Vaccinations should be taken before the Hajj well in advance to protect pilgrims from diseases. There are a number of vaccines recommended to take them before the Hajj some of which are mandatory and some optional

Vaccination against Meningitis:
Vaccination against Meningitis is one of the vaccinations that are required by the Saudi government before traveling for Hajj. Meningitis is one of the major infectious diseases in the world today. It is inflammation of the meninges that results in swelling of brain tissue and sometimes spinal tissue. Bacterial infection in the ears, mouth, or sinuses can spread directly to the brain and spinal cord. Some types of bacteria are transmitted from person to person through secretions from the mouth and nose. Meningitis often leads to death - God forbid - if not treated.

Meningitis vaccine is injected as a single dose of 0.5 mL into a muscle.

Vaccine is a single dose half ml is injected under the skin and the properties of this vaccine :
•    Most cases of meningitis occur in children and adolescents. meningitis is the most common cause of bacterial meningitis in children and the second most common cause of bacterial meningitis in adults. Immunization against Meningococcus is a quadrivalent vaccine and given to adults and children from the age of two years and more. Children who are between 3 months and 2 years of age are given two doses of vaccine separated by three months.

Some tips on the prevention of meningitis :
  • Personal hygiene.
  • Fresh air and sunlight must be allowed free access to the bedrooms.
  • Washing hands after contacts with patients.
  • Avoiding exposure to air currents.
  • Proper nutrition to raise the body's immunity.
  • Avoiding crowded places if possible.
  • Using the Special Tools such as Towels, napkins and cups with the necessity of using a tissue for sneezes.
Vaccination against Influenza:
Ministry of Health recommends that all pilgrims should receive influenza vaccination before traveling, especially pregnant, patients with HIV and people with chronic illnesses (heart disease, kidney disease, respiratory diseases, neurology and diabetes).

Vaccination against Pneumonitis‏:
By Pneumo- coccus vaccine, which is not given to all pilgrims, but it is given to patients who suffer from the following diseases: Sickle cell anemia, kidney failure, HIV, and patients with splenectomy. This vaccine also can be given to older pilgrims or those who suffer from chronic illnesses including liver, heart and lung.
Vaccination against Yellow Fever:
Given to patients from areas where the disease is present or suspected.

Children Vaccination
children should have completed the basic vaccination series against major childhood diseases in addition to vaccination for Hajj.
All children accompanying their parents and under the age of 15 years are vaccinated with a dose of the oral polio vaccine regardless of previously vaccinated.

Vaccination against cholera:

Tightening control over travellers who are coming from cholera affected areas according to the Saudi periodic circulars of affected countries based on the World Health Organization (WHO) Weekly Epidemiological Record (WER). Therefore, suspected cases should be isolated, take a sample for examination, and then take the necessary action.

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