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In view of the importance of sign language for the users with special needs who visits the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Portal, the Ministry has recently launched a sign language service along with videos displayed on the MOH Portal. This is to benefit the public, and spread the health awareness guidelines amid the users with special needs in particular.
    Latest videos
    Important Guidelines on the Use of Masks for Protection Against #MERS_CoV
    This educational video shows important guidelines on masks; explaining when and how to best use them.
    What to do when you suspect having MERS-CoV?
    This educational video shows specific recommendations and health tips for those who have (or suspect having) MERS-CoV, as well as explaining the methods and measures adopted to prevent infection transmission to others
    Dental Caries
    This educational video shows that 4 out of each 5 children in the Middle East suffer from varying levels of dental caries (cavities). This video seeks, through a cartoon character ‘Zenon the Child’s Friend’, to encourage children to brush their teeth regularly; at least twice a day.
    Oral and Dental Problems
    This educational video demonstrates that the healthy mouth is the mouth which does not suffer from any of these seven problems: dental caries (cavities), root caries, plaque, teeth stains, dental calculus, gum problems, and bad breath (Halitosis). In this video, a cartoon character ‘Zenon the Child’s Friend’, shows that it could avoid all such problems by regularly brushing teeth.
    Dentist Visit
    This educational video starts with a question on the dentist visit: whether we should worry about, and be scared of. In the video, a cartoon character ‘Zenon the Child’s Friend’ visits the dentist on a regular basis to avoid dental caries and other oral/dental problems.
    Grooming Awareness
    This educational video shows that contaminated grooming tools transmit several types of microbes and diseases, such as hepatitis and AIDS. Even traditional, rudimentary ways of cleansing shaving tools (such as the use of cologne or a lighter) do not prevent transmission of diseases.
    Latest photos
    Table of Immunization
    This schedule is to be sent to parents of the Kingdom (citizens and residents alike), to urge them to stick to their kids’ vaccination schedule set by the Ministry of Health (MOH).
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