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It falls under the responsibility of senior members at the Ministry of Health and other entities to fulfill the vision and mission of the center through the adaptation of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).

  • Preparing letters and other official documents.
  • Communicating with external parties.
  • Providing administrative/logistical support to senior staff.
  • Filing and retrieving documents, records and reports.
  • Scheduling appointments, and assisting with planning and preparation of meetings.
  • Responding to public inquiries.
Administrative Affairs Division:
  • Typing and formatting all letters.
  • Sending and checking the delivery of letters.
  • Delivering maintenance, inventory, and supplies.
  • Reviewing inbound/outbound documents, and receiving and forwarding phone calls.
  • Checking messages.
  • Receiving and directing visitors to the center.
  • Providing administrative support for adaptation of Clinical Practice Guidelines and Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) programs.
Planning Division:
The division is managed by a steering committee. It reviews the operational plan for selecting the action course of the CPGs adaptation, sets implementation mechanism and deadlines, finds out difficulties and obstacles, prepares necessary training programs and determines training committees.
Technical Division:
It is managed by the technical committee (Project manager, Methodology Specialist, Statistics specialist, Medical information specialist) to implement the methodology of CPG adaptation, which is a scientific process that starts with conducting scientific research and ends up by writing the clinical recommendations.
Logistics Division:
It is tasked with preparing logistics for internal and external events (meetings, workshops, trainings etc.) including bookings, preparations, and other relevant logistics. The division is also responsible for maintaining inventory of equipment and supplies, as well as facilities and offices.
Dissemination and Follow-up Division:
Under the supervision of Dissemination Committee, the CPGs and related news will be disseminated through the relevant channels, as well as following them up until received by competent authorities (implementation and monitoring are not yet assigned to EBHC). The CPGs will be in the form of:
  • Printed scientific materials: handbooks, brochures, pocket books, pamphlets etc.
  • EBHC website on the MOH electronic gate.
  • Software and Apps for smartphones.
  • Printed and online newspaper and newsletter.



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